1000 ISLE LADY is berthed at the French Bay Marina at the end of Union Street which dead ends in the parking lot you'll want to use.

Call Stan Groman at 315 387 3329.
or email us at  info@1000islandsyachtcharter.com

Request a detailed day 3 - 5 day charter package be emailed to you.

Comments from others:

"Overall I’d say The 1000 Isle Lady is very family friendly, spacious, and comfortable. We never felt confined. Our daughters thought the “kitchen was cool too” and really enjoyed sun bathing on deck while underway. It was so relaxing! The 1000 Isle Lady is a fantastic alternative to your ordinary vacation by car or plane and we’d like to do it all again soon. Thanks for making our vacation so memorable!"                             Eric & Cherie Stooks - Parish, NY

"Under the supervision of the captain I was allowed to plot courses, set GPS waypoints, and operate the boat. I acquired a lot of experience while traveling on the 1000 Isle Lady. I would highly recommend a trip on this boat to anyone who likes being on the water."              Rick Thompson  -  Torrance, CA

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